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"I've never seen Chen Mu attend any of these social events! Do you know why he came today?" One of the females asked curiously. Due to the fact that Chen Mu had never showed up in social events or private ones, people always thought that he was generally disinterested. Now that he showed up to this event and even brought a companion, who would let this chance go?


Lily took care of everything from fetching the key from the condo to picking up the cosmetic sets that she asked her makeup artists to prepare within the hour. Meanwhile, Ariana showed Susu different outfits and chose a few decent looking dresses with matching jackets and shoes. Soon, supplies were delivered to the room and the girls began their makeover session.


"Yes!!! I know!!! And now my hands wouldn't stop touching him and my body feels weird too! I swear I feel all heat up whenever I'm near him! What should I do?" She had never felt this way before even when she loved Tian Yuo for all these years.


After hearing the click sound from the door, Susu hid her face in his chest, and he quietly caressed her back. He was afraid that she would feel hurt by her father's words and action, but she managed to be strong enough to face them heads on. He could feel her fingers clenching nervously in a fist under his suit jacket; against his shirt.


"Okay." Tian Yuo was planning to ditch the event tonight because he didn't want to entertain the socialites. He didn't understand why he agreed to it after he had heard that Susu and Chen Mu were together. Once he heard that Susu 'seduced' Chen Mu, his expression darkened.


Susu listened attentively to every word that Shen Wen had said, but something wasn't quite right. "You said that my mother was a talented designer. Then why didn't she continue her career after graduation? Was it because of her marriage?"

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Susu gasped, "then they would assume that we don't have it! Maybe they thought that my mothers gave the chips to Auntie Xiao Ling, and she had it."


Susu listened to him and looked up while he did the countdown. Once he counted down to 1, lights lit up in front of them surrounding a huge Christmas tree with many ornaments and sparkling decorations. Her eyes instantly lit up as she watched the lights turn on, trailing up to the huge bright star on the top of the tree.


"Smart. Thanks to your valuable information, I have captured Li Teng and made him pay for his deeds. As for Tian Guo Min, he is also being held captive and will be facing his doom soon. The assassin is on the run, but my guards should catch him eventually. While I was dealing with Li Teng, he mentioned a chip that a group of people were searching for. Perhaps you may be able to answer some questions that I have."


Chen Nan came right in time to help Ariana put Kitty in a headlock. He stepped forward with his suffocating grip around Kitty's wrist. "Let's go," he said after making sure that Ariana wasn't hurt.


Understanding his meaning, the assistant closed the door and went back to his seat without making any noises. Two female employees started whispering to each other as soon as they saw the assistant going back to his seat.


"Uh huh~" He guided her to the center of the room as a familiar tune started to play in the background. Soon, other couples began to get in place for the dance.


"PFfft, as long as you're taking responsibility for me." He kissed her palm and pulled her close for a hug. Her heart was not ready at all for this morning strike of happiness. 'Who told these hands to not keep it to themselves and touched his tooshie? Oh wells, it was a nice treat.'



"Mm.. Ready." She replied reassuringly as their fingers intertwined. Slowly, his penis spread her lips opened and entered her.



The more they talked, the more questions filled their heads. At first, only Susu had questions. Now, all four of them were thinking about the endless possibilities of how Professor Luo Xia figured things out in his own way.


The warmness of their tongues tangling and exploring the other's territory heightened their affection for each other; as if they could become one from bonding through a kiss. Their kiss felt like it lasted for a long time, but it was merely four minutes. Their eyes remained eye contact as they panted breathlessly.


"Sure." Susu handed the invitation card over to him and watched as he placed the invitation card to the projector. "Zoom." he raised his arm and waved his index and middle finger in the air at the same time.

  • Susu looked strictly into her eyes with anger. No matter how many apologies or explanations Zi Yan had on her mind, she was persuaded that it would be useless against Susu's words. The last thing she would ever want is for their first conversation to end up in an argument. Therefore, she listened to what Susu had to say before responding little by little.
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